Magic Foam

Dr. Bronner’s All-One Magic Foam Experience

The centerpiece of Dr. Bronner’s All-One Magic Foam Experience is a novel, ecological and exhilarating foam “shower” that covers you in foam and leaves you feeling refreshed and tingly-clean. We bring it to beach parties, mud-runs, summer music festivals, pride parades and many other types of celebrations to create a truly unique interactive experience at outdoor events.

Our foam shower is usually accompanied by our Magic Fire Truck that can also transform any landscape into a magical paradise covered in “snow-foam.” Dr. Bronner’s foam is safe and biodegradable, as it’s made simply from our organic soap, water and compressed air.

Dr. Bronner’s Magic Foam Experience was inspired by the late Jim Bronner, son of Emanuel Bronner, who invented the industry-standard fire-fighting foam concentrate in the 1980s. He later modified his foam to make artificial snow for Hollywood sets, and he even created a home foaming unit for blasting snow-like foam for fun in the backyard when his children were growing up. The Magic Foam Experience was created in his memory.

Check out our Magic Foam Experience events in the Southern California area to see what all the foamy excitement is about! To see the Magic Foam Experience in action, check out our video gallery.